Do you have the right pieces of financial products providing sufficient protection and monetary growth for your family and business? Do you want to have financial peace of mind on your insurance coverage and wealth?

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If you are looking for a company represented by responsive, honest agents and brokers that will give you comprehensive and affordable solutions in a convenient manner, you have come to the right place.  Why?

  • Easy, fast and convenient.  You can start by just answering a few questions. For certain financial products like health insurance, you can get quotes instantaneously. In fact for health insurance, you can even apply for insurance coverage online. For other financial products, you will get the quotes by email. The process can be done at the convenience of your home at your time. If you prefer to come to our California office, you can also schedule an appointment with one of our financial professionals in Los Angeles and meet at Global Wealth Insurance Services office in the city of Diamond Bar, or meet at the convenience of your home or office. Simply call 1-855-955-1800.
  • Service with highest integrity. You will be dealing with responsive and credible insurance agents and financial brokers. Our insurance brokers and agents aim to achieve long-term client relationships through providing great customer service. Their guiding philosophy towards service always points to the interests of the customers first.
  • Best offer. You can get the most affordable, cheapest, and suitable insurance based on your needs and wants. Global Wealth Insurance Services and its agents/brokers work with multiple, best-rated insurance and financial companies for each line of financial product to help ensure that the most suitable offering can be matched with the client’s goals. We are like your personal financial shopper or concierge looking for the best deal for your situation.
  • One-stop shop.  Sometimes it is just a hassle to deal with different agents/brokers for the different financial and insurance needs. Our company eases that complexity. You can now deal with just Global Wealth Insurance Services for all your insurance and monetary concerns.  Compared to scattered pieces, a comprehensive financial or insurance portfolio through one single point of contact often times yields less overlapped and more cohesive, complete, and optimized financial plans.
  • More than just insurance.  We also offer tax-advantaged financial products.  Whether you want tax-deduction today and pay tax later, or you prefer not to pay tax later, we have the answer.  Whether the accumulation of money is for your family or for the business, we have the answer.  Whether you want guaranteed income for life or not, we have the answer.  Or maybe you do not want to touch the money in your lifetime, but instead you want capital preservation to leave behind a wealthy legacy. Leveraging on tax efficient financial products is a great way to create or accumulate wealth!
  • Solution-based approach. Sometimes it is not clear what financial tools you need. All you know is that you need to take good care of your family or your business.  On the individual and family side, you may be thinking about best ways to fund your retirement or your children’s education. You may want to know if all health care concerns are considered, including Medicare related and long-term care questions if applicable. You need reviews and recommendations to achieve financial independence. On the business side, you may want to have in place crucial business insurance and group benefits like group health, disability, life insurance as your key employees retention strategies. You may want to address business continuation now to avoid business disruption later. Or you want to give bonuses to yourself and other executives. You tell us what keeps you awake at night and we prescribe the solutions that will give you peace of mind.

Global Wealth Insurance Services is the leading insurance company in Diamond Bar city in Los Angeles county, California dedicated to providing extensive, affordable, highly-rated insurance and financial products.

We offer various health insurance policies like major medical, hospital only, long-term care,  disability, Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement aka Medigap, and dental for individuals, families, self-employed and small businesses. We also offer auto, homeowners’, condo owners’, renters’ and umbrella policies. As for life insurance quotes, we also have different life insurance choices covering different life events, like term life, whole life, universal life, index universal life or second-to-die policies. To help maximize your dough for retirement, we also offer IRA, Simple IRA, Roth IRA, Simplied Employee Pension (SEP), 401K/Profit Sharing, annuity, with or without guaranteed income, and executive bonus plans.

On the business side, we can offer you workers’ compensation quote, Commercial General Liability (CGL), Business Owner Policy (BOP),  commercial or business auto quotes, and professional liabilities or Errors and Omissions (E & O) policies. Beyond the basic, if you are employing employee retention strategies, we can offer business or group benefits such as group disability, group health benefits, group life insurance, 401K/Profit Sharing or even executive bonus plans. We can also help you address business succession or continuation concerns by providing keyman insurance for the key personnel, executives or owners, and buy-sell solutions for the partners.

Global Wealth Insurance Services can provide it ALL for you.  Call 1-855-955-1800 to schedule an appointment with a financial professional. Or start your quote online now!

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