Nowadays, dental fees continue to increase as dental care is not included in most health insurance plans. This can be very costly—from restorative procedures such as fillings, braces, crowns, x-rays, and routine teeth cleaning and check-ups—and without comprehensive insurance, bills can cut a big portion of your savings. This is the reason most individuals are now getting dental insurance.

California Dental Insurance
Although many employers in different cities in California, such as Los Angeles and San Diego, provide medical health plan as a benefit, fewer provide California dental insurance. Because of the increase in healthcare, many employers in Los Angeles, San Diego, and other cities in California have dropped dental coverage or shifted most of the monthly premium cost to their employees.

Searching for the most suitable insurance in Los Angeles, San Diego and other cities in California can be time consuming and overwhelming. But finding the right individual coverage doesn’t have to be confusing – you just need to be aware of the types of coverage offered by some of the best companies in Los Angeles, San Diego and other cities in California so that you can choose the policy that best fits your personal dental needs – may it be Los Angeles or San Diego dental insurance.

Types of Los Angeles Dental Insurance
There are basically two individual Los Angeles dental insurance options offered for customers to choose from: Indemnity Individual (PPO) and Individual Plan Types (HMO).

  • In PPO policies, you are allowed to choose your own dentist. However, the company may only pay 50-80% of the cost. You may also have to pay deductibles first before the coverage starts and some procedures become only available after a probationary period.
  • HMO is similar to the managed care programs offered in health insurance. That is, a group of dentists agree to participate in a network of providers and will generally accept the insurance for 100% of the cost and even submit the claim for services rendered for you to save you the extra hassle.

Rates can vary depending on the dental work you will have performed and the type of insurance you choose. Regardless of which type of plan you wish to pursue, be sure to read through the quotes thoroughly so that you receive the best individual dental insurance for you. So start saving for your dental insurance today!

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